Protection RV005X - Medical Splash Goggles

    Reference: RV005X160
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    The RV005X goggles are useful accessories made by the Protection brand. They are intended for professional use and allow you to protect yourself from droplets and steam during an intervention or when working with chemicals. Don't worry if you wear corrective glasses; this model can be worn over most of them, ensuring that you always have a good view while working. These glasses are ventilated by covered side slits, which prevent fogging and obstructing your vision. This model has a soft frame for added wearing comfort, as well as a nosepiece to keep the glasses in place. These glasses have an elasticated fastener that allows you to adjust the size to your preference, this fastener was designed to keep your head from becoming too tight. This model is made entirely of PVC and has clear polycarbonate lenses. It is disposable.

    Reference: RV005X
    Fabrication: 100% PVC, Clear Lens: Polycarbonate
    Weight: 66 gsm
    Colors: Clear
    Sizes: One size


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